Harmonica Chromatic Mouth Organ Key of C 24-Holes Classic Chrome Blues

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Harmonica Chromatic Mouth Organ Key of C 24-Holes Classic Chrome Blues Harp With Scale Changer

Tower Scale Changer/Chromatic Mouth Organ is a highly competitive, professional 24 hole 48 Tones/Reads chromatic harmonica with a classic chrome and white body – giving it a premium touch and finish. Our mouth organs deliver a pure sound with rich and precise tone and plays each note the way its meant to sound.

Slider is robust, responsive and comfortable.

48 Reeds, 24 hole, standard chromatic harmonica. Round-shaped holes for easier playing. Set up and quality check ensures that all notes play well right out of the box.

The Harmonica is  fun and simple Instrument, used in a variety of musical styles, Ranging from Rock and Country to Blues and Folk. The Harmonica is easy for a beginner to pick up and Make music with,  it has a lot of room for virtuosity and expert playing as well. Kids will have a blast discovering and playing their own musical instruments. Perfect for playing a little music anywhere. Great for any level player. An ideal gift for your loved ones.

Features :

  • This Chromatic Harmonica has a Full, Rich and Beautiful Sound.
  • It is in the Key of "C".
  • Individually selected and passed for Quality and Durability.
  • Crafted with a Light Weight Construction Includes Metal Covers, Brass Reed Plates and Plastic Comb.
  • Includes packing storage case


  1. 8inch (20 cm) Length Metal Construction
  2. Copper, 24 Holes in Double Row,
  3. Light Weight and portable
  4. Material: Steel, Copper & Plastic
  5. Holes: 24 x 2 Rows = 48 Holes)
  6. Overall Size: 20cm x 3.5cm x 2.8cm