Music Stand Light Clip On LED Lamp No Flicker, Fully Adjustable Bright

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Music Stand Light Clip On LED Lamp No Flicker, Fully Adjustable Brightness for Musicians DJ's

This Flexible Music Stand Light is the ideal lighting solution for sheet music, music books, book reading, on a stand, desk or just about anywhere a portable and uniform lighting solution is required. Powered by easily available standard  3x AAA batteries this light makes it economical to use and extremely portable at home and on travel. No need to be concerned travelling with batteries and wires, replacement batteries for these lights are standard and easily available worldwide. The flexible gooseneck heads allow for it to be twisted in any which way as needed, and it coils compactly for carrying and storage.

Ultra Adjustable Dual Gooseneck light stems,

Brand New High Quality

Double Super Bright LED with separate individual switch controls.

Multi function switch for operation add light adjustment

No need to replace blubs.

Easy to Use, clips on 

Compact coiling design for easy storage and carrying,

Uniform light dispersion for optimum visibility

Easily available replacement batteries

Suits Music Stands, DJ's, Mixers, Piano's, Orchestra Pits, Dark Club Environments, schools, places of worship etc,

Light Control:

Depress the switch once for single light on, twice for two lights on, thrice for both lights off