2 in 1 Tablet Tripod Floor Stand with Telescopic Boom Arm and 360° Mou

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2 in 1 Tablet Tripod Floor Stand with Telescopic Boom Arm and 360° Mount Holder Clamp

If you're in the market for a Tablet or Phone stand for work from home meetings, cookery or craft videos etc. here's a versatile stand for your consideration. Its extra height and telescopic adjustment enables it to suit most needs where versatility and flexibility is required. Its 2.02 M height adjustability and tripod base make it suitable for most requirements, the telescopic boom also enables balancing of devices for optimal positioning and stability. The 360 degree mount enables the clamping of both mobile phones and tablets increasing its usability. There are several adapters in out range that can be used in combination with this stand to enable it to be used with other devices such as Lighting DSLR cameras, webcams  and microphones etc.

Tablet Phone Tripod Floor Stand Adjustable Height & Boom 360° Clamp  iPad and Android Phone /Tablets Heavy Duty 

  • Premium Finish
  • Extra Tall 2.02m
  • Telescopic Extendable Boom
  • (1.4 M Height to Boom) Boom Length 70cms
  • Max height 2.02m
  • Heavy Duty All Metal Tripod Base
  • Tubular Metal Construction
  • Adjustable Height
  • Adjustable Boom Length
  • Colour: Black

Model 1:

2 in 1 Tablet/Phone attachment 360° Ball Socket Phone Mount Clamp Holder For Microphone Mic Stand

  •     New Upgraded and Improved, More Sturdy Ball & Socket Joint Mount
  •     Easy Angle Adjustment.
  •     Easy stretch grip mechanism.
  •     Light weight robust model.
  •     Can mount to standard microphone stands with 5/8" Mic Mount Clip thread or 3/8" thread using or removing supplied mic thread adapter
  •     Refer Images for Phone And Tablet mounting positions
  •     Clamp holder expansion length: Minimum 120mm and Maximum 190mm
  •     Maximum Phone or Tablet including case thickness 12mm

Model 2:

2 in 1 Phone / Tablet Swivel 360 Degree Metal Ball & Socket Joint Clamp for Tablet or Smartphone

  • Enjoy Karaoke, Guitar Tabs, look up lyrics or video whilst singing or performing.
  • Secure Padded clamp ensures safety of your devices as it prevents slipping through the clamp.
  • Expandable feature of the clamp accommodates most tablets and Phones like iPad, iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Windows Phone etc.
  • Tablet Clamp Expansion Length Maximum 21.5 Centimetres
  • Maximum Tablet / Phone Thickness including case 18 mm
  • Must have accessory for Musicians, bands, DJ or Karaoke.

Accessories shown in the images (Tablet and Phone) are for illustration purpose only and are not included in this sale.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Microphone stand with Boom Arm
  • 1x Tablet/Phone Clamp Mount (depending on model chosen)