3 Plate Folding Design Sheet Music Stand Full Size Heavy Gauge Portabl

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3 Plate Folding Design Sheet Music Stand Full Size Heavy Gauge Portable + Storage Bag

Tired of flimsy light weight portable music stands? If you are you a regular user of sheet music stands and require the ease of portability without compromising durability, consider this stand. It has a unique plate folding design, that allows the plate it to be folded easily into 3 plates, yet provides the durability and robust construction of a full size regular sheet music stand. Full size height adjustment allows it to be used both in sitting and standing positions, whilst performing.

The stand itself is constructed of heavy gauge steel tubing and has 3 flat steel lock braces on the rear of the plate, to support and securely lock the plate in the open position. An extra deep plate lip edge to allow it to be used for other purposes and devices. Use it as a, sheet music, book stand or as a portable desktop to support other devices like laptops, projectors, tablets etc. 

Other features are spring loaded page holders, Anti slip feet, 90 degrees plate angle, stand height adjustment and its supplied with a carry bag for your convivence and storage.


  • Plate Dimensions: 44Cm x 50Cm
  • Plate Lip Edge depth: 42mm
  • Height Adjustment : 90Cm to 140Cm
  • Stand weight: 2.4Kg
  • Bag Weight 100gms
  • Colour: Black
  • Finish: Matte