Wireless Lavaliere Cordless Microphone Lapel Mic Headset Selectable UH

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Wireless Lavaliere Cordless Microphone Lapel Mic Headset Selectable UHF Frequencies Rechargable

Lavaliere microphones are also called lapel mics. They are discreet small microphones that can clip to your clothes - shirt, collar or tie. The great thing about lavaliere mics is that they allow you to record hands-free. Once positioned correctly, you won’t think about the microphone, you can just focus on the content you are producing. This system allows you to choose from either the Clip On Mic or the traditional Headset version that allows the microphone closer proximity to the performer. Because they are small and unobtrusive, they are great for video as well and are commonly used with DSLR cameras and also with compatible phones and Tablets.

This Cordless or wireless system is also equipped with variable frequencies. You can choose from up to 10 different pre-set frequencies or use several other devices of this same model or other models without the fear of clashing with other frequencies. The rugged metal alloy body rechargeable transmitter offers a super long operating distance of 80 meters and 10 hours of continuous use. Simple Plug and play feature with auto pairing between the transmitter and LCD equipped receiver body pack allows for quick setup and is reliable. The discreet receiver body pack hooks up to the microphone of your choice either a clip on mic or an headset. The screw-in type Microphone Jack eliminates the possibility of the microphone being disconnected during active performances such as acting, dancing, Zumba, Yoga etc.

This cordless system provides value packed options at a very competitive price, comprising high end features such as Variable Transmission frequency, Discreet rechargeable transmitter, Rugged metal alloy body, Quality transmission and reception, Super long transmission distance and a bargain price with free delivery Australia Wide puts it ahead of the rest in its league.



  • Value Price Quality Digital Reception & Transmission 
  • Automatic Receiver and Transmitter Pairing
  • Super long 80 Meters maximum operating distance 
  • 10 Different selectable pre-set UHF Frequencies
  • Rechargeable Digital transmitter plugs into a 1/4" Mic input
  • Aluminium Alloy Transmitter Body
  • Discreet LCD Display equipped Body Pack receiver
  • Choice of Clip On Lapel Or Headset or Both
  • Body Pack Runs off standard AA Batteries (Included)

 Wireless Set Package Includes:

  • 1x 1/4" Jack Transmitter 
  • 1x Body Pack Receiver
  • 1x Charging Cable
  • 1x Clip On Mic or Headset Mic or Both Mic Types (As per choice from Menu above)

Replacement Mic Includes:

  • 1x Clip On Mic or 1x Headset Mic or Both Mic Types (As per choice from Menu above)