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Dual Wireless Microphone Choose Headset Handheld Lavalier Mic 2x Cordless System

Dual Wireless Microphone System 2x Channel Professional  Choose from Cordless Handheld, Head set, lavalier Mic Karaoke

The R-627 is optimized for vocal performance and designed to reproduce excellent high gain true vocal reproduction.
A complete wireless microphone system suitable for stage, pulpit or home it offers excellent value, reliable performance employing Digital Pilot ID for effective anti interference and a host of versatile features, choose form a wide range of options of Handheld or headset or combination of both, including Both Balanced and unbalanced output, independent volume controls, Professional Alloy handheld microphone, LCD display on both Base and Handheld,excellent range, and stunning looks to finish your performance.

  • 2 Channel Professional wireless System
  • Dual Frequencies ensures no interference between microphones
  • Professional Balanced and Unbalanced Output XLR or 6.35mm
  • Dual independent Volume controls for optimum control
  • LCD Display on both Base and Handheld
  • Available in multiple frequencies, use more than one system simultaneously
  • Available in Multiple options (choose in menu above)
  • Reliable 60 to 80 meters range.
  • Replaceable Metal Mesh includes spherical POP filter
  • High Definition Dual Antennas
Choose from menu above any one of the following options:
  1. 2x Handheld Microphones
  2. 2x Body Pack With Headset Mic
  3. 2x Body Pack With Lavaliere Clip Mic
  4. 2x Body Pack with 1x Headset Mic & 1x Lavaliere Clip Mic
  5. 1x Handheld Mic & 1x Body Pack With Headset Mic
  6. 1x Handheld Mic & 1x Body Pack With Lavaliere Clip Mic
Package contains:
1x Dual Cordless Microphone System (As per choice above)
1x Connecting cable