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¼" TRS Stereo 6.5mm Jack to 2x 3.5mm Mono Sockets 1/8” Jack Adaptor Connector

  • Condition: Brand New
  • Brand: Ashtec
  • Type: Audio Interconnect/Adapter
  • Suited For: Headphones, Instrument, Microphone, Processor/Effect, Send/Return (Insert), Speaker/Amplifier

¼ “  TRS Stereo 6.5mm  jack to 2x 3.5mm Mono Sockets 1/8”  Jack Adaptor connector Splitter

Used to Split a Stereo 6.5m  TRS  1/4 “ Socket  to 2x Mono 3.5 mm Jacks


  • 1/4” Stereo TRS 6.5mm Jack
  • 2x Mono 3.5mm jack Sockets
  • Package contains 1x Adapter