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1x DMX Terminator Plug 120 ohm Australian Made 3 pin 512 Laser Stage Lighting

This 3-pin DMX Loop End Terminator is compatible with all 3-pin DMX devices and cables. Use this device to terminate a DMX line so that you don't get signal bounce backs occurring in the line. 

In general, a DMX line should always be terminated. Terminate your DMX line when you are using many DMX fixtures on a single line. If the line is not terminated correctly, you can get what is known as a "shadow signal" bouncing back down the line. The longer the cable run, the more the risk of "shadow signal" occurring. 

A 120 Ohms resistor across pins 2 and 3 simulates to the transmitting DMX device that the line is infinite in length, therefore the signal does not reflect back down the line. 

  • Individually Hand Soldered and Assembled in Australia
  • Heavy Duty Jack
  • Short Proof Heat Shrink Insulated terminals
  • Features " 120ohm resistor "
  • Connectors: 3-pin XLR (Male)
  • Suited For: DMX Laser Lighting
  • Product Type: DMX Terminator
  • Colour: Black
  • Package includes: 1x DMX Terminator Male Plug