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Speaker Jack Plugs for Vintage AKM 003 Pioneer Amplifier Receiver

  • Condition: Brand new
  • AKAI Amplifiers Receivers: Allied Amplifiers Receivers
  • Type: Speaker Jack Plug
  • Pioneer Amplifier Receiver: AKM 003

New Replacement AKM 003 Polarized Speaker Jack Audiophile Accessory
For Vintage Pioneer AKAI ALLIED Radio Shack & Other Amplifier Receiver

This Jack fits the following Amplifiers / Receivers / Components
Pioneer Models

    Series K
    K71-032  K71-642  K72-007
    Series QA
    Series SA
    SA-100  SA-302  SA 302R  SA-500  SA-500A  SA-600  SA700
    SA-800  SA-900  SA-900A  SA-1000
    Series SX
    SX-300T  SX-400  SX-410  SX-424  SX-440  SX-525
    SX-626  SX-727  SX-770  SX-820  SX-828  SX-990
    SX-1000  SX-1000TD  SX-1000TW  SX-1500  SX-1500TD
    SX-2500  SX-3000  SX-6000  SX-9000
    QX Series
    QX-4000  QX-8000  QX-9000  QX-9900

Compatible AKAI Models
    AA Series
    AA-910  AA-920  AA-930  AA-940  AA-960  AA-970 AA-980

Compatible ALLIED Radio Shack Models
    335   365  380  395  399  429  435  445   490  498  475  495  995

    Perfect Fit
    Precision Engineered
    Brass Contacts for maximum Gain Transfer
    Anodized to prevent contact loss from corrosion and aging
    Blade Tipped Contacts
    Screw Terminals No Soldering Required
    Lead in Step for Neat Mangle free Connections
    Shot proof Connection
    Ultra Easy Phasing
These connectors may have been used with other brands of the time, some OEM Pioneer Equipment and could have also been optional with some Knight-Kit and Other DIY kits too. Refer picture of the socket to identify if you require these jacks for your unit.