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Per Length Speaker Cable Wire High Performance HI-FI Home Theater Car Audio 16AWG

Per Meter Speaker Cable Wire High Performance HI FI Home Theater DJ Car Audio 16AWG 

Non-leaner stretch type

Extremely tough Speaker Cable Sleeve, yet flexible, designed especially for home theater applications, where pulling the cables through narrow spaces etc. is common, this sleeve is flexible but the non-leaner stretch type, ensuring no break in continuity, even on tough pulls. The clear sleeve provides for easy inspection of the inner core for breakages etc. One sleeve is marked with a bright blue stripe for easy positive and negative terminal identification in dark roofs etc. 

  • High Performance Stereo Cable
  • Twin Core OFC Copper
  • 37 Strand 16 AWG
  • 10mm x 4mm Sleeve fits through small crevices
  • Terminal Polarity marked  Easily identify Negative and Positive
  • Clear sleeve for internal damage inspection
  • Package contains Speaker cable as per length choice (choose selection above)
  • Multiple Purchases will be supplied in one continuous length up to a maximum of 75m in a roll.