4 Core PA Speaker Cable 12AWG - 4 x 4mm Speakon to Speakon Custom Leng

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4 Core PA Speaker Cable 12AWG - 4 x 4mm Speakon to Speakon Custom Lengths or 100m cable roll

4-core 12AWG speaker cable terminated with industry standard connectors OR 100m cable roll without connectors

4-core cable with thick gauge 12AWG conductors
Constructed with thick 4-core speaker cable. Each conductor is 12AWG (4mm²) and has individual insulation. All 4 conductors are encased in a tough outer PVC jacket.

Industry standard connectors
Terminated with the standard type of speaker connector used commonly on pro audio sound systems for connecting a power amplifier to a passive loudspeaker. These connectors are fully shielded and feature a secure locking system to prevent accidental pull-outs. Compatible with all Speakon socket plugs.

When to use a 4-core speaker cable?
4-core connections are typically reserved for high end pro audio equipment. A 4-core cable can carry 2 individual signals along the a single cable. Used for bi-amp and stereo signal amplifier to speaker connectors.


  • Compatible with Speakon socket plugs
  • Conductor Gauge: 12AWG
  • Conductor Area: 4mm²
  • Outer Diameter (OD): 12mm
  • Connectors:  4pin Speaker Connector (male)
  • Wiring: [+1, -1] [+2, -2] (4-core)

4x 4mm Speakon to Speakon Cable

  • Speakon To Speakon Terminated
  • 4x 4 Core Cable 
  • Length as per selection 
  • Ideal for connecting Speakers to Amplifiers, Tops to Subs, etc. 
  • Wiring: +1 to +1, -1 to -1, +2 to +2, -2 to -2 
  • Package contains 1x Cable as per length chosen OR 1x Cable roll
  • Cable roll: Weight approx. 20 kgs

Please note: For customers purchasing 100m cable roll, postage included in the price is an estimate only. For regional or remote areas, we may contact you if the actual shipping cost exceeds our estimate.