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WiFi Camera Mini Spy DIY module HD with 32 GB Card rechargeable battery & antenna

DIY Spy HD Wifi camera module for remote viewing and recording, This spy cam has a super mini lens which features a high degree of concealment. You can put this mini camera anywhere or into any shell to make it not noticeable while the camera is recording just download the app, hook up your good to go for remote viewing, alternately you can use the packaged micro 32 GB memory card to record video with out connecting to the internet for remote viewing. Use the supplied rechargeable battery to power the module or connect it directly to a USB port or power bank for longer recording times

Complete package comes with 32 GB TF card, rechargeable 2700mAh battery and antenna

Package contains

1x WiFi Camera module

1x 32 GB micro TF memory card

1x Rechargeable Battery

1x Antenna module

1x charging USB cable

1x user manual