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PRO1188A IR Distribution over coax kit

This kit allows IR signals to be inserted onto a coax cable in one location and extracted from coax on another location.

We are all familiar with infra-red remote controls because we use them to operate our TV, DVD players etc. on adaily basis. However, you might not be familiar with "IR repeating." IR repeating allows you to control devices that are not with in the direct line of sight of your remote control. This kind of a system is commonly used in distributed audio/ video systems where the source components are centrally located, or when you wish to control your source devices remotely from an entirely different location.

  • Creates an IR system with existing wiring
  • Power 4 IR receivers with one power supplied (included)
  • Quick and easy installation
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  • IR injector
    • Passes the TV signal from input to output
    • Injects the signal from the infrared receiver to the side of the injector that goes "upstream" to the coupler
    • Connects power from the power supply to the infrared receiver
  • IR coupler
    • It passes the TV signal from input to output
    • It extracts the infrared signal from the downstream injector to drive one or more infrared emitters
  • Dual IR emitter (also sold seperately PRO1142/37168732)
  • Mini sticker IR receiver
  • 12V DC 200mA power supply

Does the IR target work with plasmas?
Some plasmas are better shielded than others. In the one instance that we've tested the IR targets, it has worked without any issue.

How come you need to buy "special" IR passing splitters when using this product?
The special thing about IR passing splitters (eg ChannelPlus branded splitters) is that they allow voltage to pass in both directions. Standard splitters, with their internal diode, only allow voltage to pass up the splitter. Since IR systems require this voltage to also be passed down the splitter also, you how to ensure that you choose the correct model.

Does Pro1188A works with Foxtel IQ 4k?
It works, but if not, you may need to use RLACC160 to cover the IR emitter to avoid the interference on the foxtel IQ4. It is located about 3cm on the left of the Bluetooth logo.

How many receivers can use in this system?
It is suggested to use a maximum of 4 receivers in this system, which has been tested fine in the manufactory. You can try to use more of the receivers, however, it will generate more noises in the system which could affect the performance of the system, you also need to increase the power supply current.