M7255 7.5V+7.5V 10VA PCB TRANSFORMER 15V (751015T) M7255

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M7255 7.5V+7.5V 10VA PCB TRANSFORMER 15V (751015T) M7255

7510 SERIES - LOW PROFILE - Made to the latest Australian standards AS/NZS3108, these PCB transformers are rated modestly for their size. Wound on flame retardant nylon 66 bobbins. The primary winding is fitted with an in-built thermal fuse to protect the appliance in the case of a short circuit developing in the secondary winding.
- 3.75kV isolation input to output
- Bifilar wound secondaries for series or parallel connection
- Alkaline tin dipped pins for ease of soldering
- Suitable for wave soldering
- Energy/ Telecom approved
- Primary: 240V, 50Hz
- Total VA rating: 10VA
- Fuse Type: Thermal @ 126°C
- Weight: 250g
- Size: 36.5 x 48 x 40mm (HWD)
- Secondary Voltage: 7.5V + 7.5V