Ashtec 600W Bluetooth Powered Surround Mixer Amplifier

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Ashtec 600W Bluetooth Powered Surround Mixer Amplifier

  • Condition: Brand New
  • Number of Channels: 6
  • Type: Power Amplifier
  • Features: Bluetooth, Vu meter
  • Colour: Champagne
  • Brand: ASHTEC


  • Bluetooth USB Receiver Dongle Supplied along with device for Bluetooth connectivity.  
  • Master MIC & Music Volume Controls Echo 
  • Separate Mic inputs Volume and Music input Volume Controls   
  • Can Use Speakers of Impedance 4 to 16 Ohms (This includes 8 Ohms Speakers) 
  • Total 6 inputs   
  • 3 Audio inputs RCA (Music Source) Inputs For CD / DVD Keyboard etc.   
  • 2 Microphone inputs
  • 1 USB/SD card input
  • Digital VF Meter Output Level Display
  • Designed for use in Dark and Bright environment
  • Separate Mic, Bass & Treble Enhancement Controls for both Music & Vocal inputs.
  • Echo function for voice enhancement
  • Surround sound option for connecting DVD player with surround sound output

USB SD Card MP3 Player Controls-Previous Track, Play, Next Track, Volume -, Pause, Volume+ 

MIC controls- Volume, Balance, Echo, -20b selector, High, Low & Mid frequencies Control 

Echo controls- Volume, Low, High, Delay & repeat (Controls Echo duration) 

Music controls- Volume Balance, Low, Mid & High frequencies Control 

This unit is supplied with a Bluetooth USB dongle for connecting to the unit via Bluetooth, it does not have a built in Bluetooth connectivity, this dongle can be used to upgrade other devices to vi  Bluetooth also.