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2x Adapters 3.5mm Male Stereo Jack to 6.35mm 1/4" Female Socket Hifi Headphones Jack Converter

Adapter 3.5mm Stereo Jack to 1/4" Jack Stereo Socket

This audio adapter is ideal for adapting a standard 1/4" Stereo TRS instrument cable to a 3.5mm stereo mini jack input. A common application of this audio adapter is to be attached onto the end of Studio headphones cable that have a large Phono plug to  hookup to devices such as iPods/MP3 Players/Computers and laptops which usually have the small 3.5mm mini jack sockets. This audio adapter has a TRS Male tip (stereo) hence it  is capable of transferring a balanced signal.


Product Features:

 1 x 1/4" Jack Female to 1/8" Jack Male TRS(Mono)
 Stereo application only
 High quality adapter
 Perfect for use with Studio headphones, iPods, Mp3 players, laptops & computers
 Materials: Metal & plastic adapter
 Length: 55mm (Total length including jacks)
 Finish/Colour: Chrome & black
Package Contains:
2x Adapters