Acoustic Guitar Pick up Upgrade Kit Sound Hole Magnetic Pre Amp with T

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Acoustic Guitar Pick up Upgrade Kit Sound Hole Magnetic Pre Amp with Tone and Volume Control

Acoustic Guitar Pickup Upgrade Kit For Sound Hole Magnetic Pre Amp with Tone and Volume Control


  • High quality all metal guitar pickup upgrade kit.
  • Accurately reproduces the tone and timber of your acoustic Guitar.
  • Ideal for live performers! There's no need to set up a mic or other equipment to amplify your guitar.
  • Simply clip it across the sound hole and plug the jack into an amplifier and your ready to jam.
  • The pickup produces a clean quality sound and has low feedback and distortion.
  • Similar to a semi acoustic/electric guitar, but without the expensive costs.
  • Must have Guitar Accessory.
  • Colour: Matte Black
  • Material : Metal Construction 
  • Type: Preamp Pickup
  • To Fit: Acoustic Guitar
  • Position: Sound hole

  • Pickup Thickness: 13.5mm
  • Pickup width : 28mm
  • Overall Length: 136mm

Minimum Sound hole Diameter 75mm , Will not suit Guitars with smaller sound holes. 


  • Straighten the right clip of the pickup using the metal tab, to a position where the right clip is perpendicular to the pickup 
  • Slip the left clip of the pickup under the sound hole so that the pickup is perpendicular to the strings (at a right angle, refer image) then move the movable right clip under the sound hole using the metal tab to secure the pickup in place.
  • Connect the 1/4" jack end to the instrument input to the amplifier speaker


1x  Acoustic Guitar Pickup upgrade unit.