106-305S 4G Wireless Security System Monitoring & Two Way Voice Ness 1

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106-305S 4G Wireless Security System Monitoring & Two Way Voice Ness 106-305S


Guardpost is a fully self contained security system including an on-board motion sensor, loud siren, and wireless receiver for remote sensors and Arm/Disarm radio keys.
Guardpost?s onboard GSM dialler gives it complete independence from landlines and allows reporting in Contact ID format back to base, audible voice reporting to any telephone, SMS reporting to mobile phones, SMS arming/arming/programming and even Two Way Voice communications for alarm verification and user safety.
Guardpost not only visually reports all events to the uservia its large, bright alphanumeric display, it actually speaks to the user to report events and advises on the action to take.
Guardpost uses the latest microprocessor technology ensuringthe highest level of security and dependability. The wireless radio keys utilise proprietary encryption algorithms for highest security.
Detection devices such as wireless passive infrared detectors and wireless reed switches also offer a high levelof security through the use of programmable supervision techniques and constant monitoring of their battery condition.
Guardpost also helps resolve the growing issue of manpowerwhen it comes to installation. Minimal programming is required allowing a comprehensive system to be installed in under one hour and a basic system in minutes.
Guardpost is made in Australia by Ness Corporation to world class standards using the latest surface mount technology and state of the art in-circuit probe testers, together with strict process controls and adherence to an ISO9001 Quality Assurance Program, ensuring a quality product and a long service life.

  • 4G dialler with SMS/Audio/Contact ID reporting
  • Two-Way-Voice monitoring and remote arm/disarm
  • SMS remote arm/disarm
  • SMS remote programming
  • Onboard PIR for 15m x 15m coverage plus optional external devices
  • Supports up to 24 supervised and encrypted radio devices
  • Supports Ness radio PIRs, radio reed switches, radio smoke detector, radio keys
  • Scrolling LED display for easy to read visual display
  • Voice annunciation for status, events & user instructions
  • Dual Home modes for zoned arming
  • Strobe light differentiation for arm/disarm
  • Onboard 124dBM siren for an extra loud audible deterrent
  • Extensive event memory accessed via the scrolling led display
  • Front panel push-button adjustment for voice & internal beeps volume control
  • Sophisticated power management for long battery life
  • Solar cell charging support
  • Proprietary encryption algorithm for secure comms between radio devices and Guardpost
  • Radio Jamming / Radio Substitution detection
  • Auxiliary outputs for optional external sirens, strobeand radio key auX operation

{tab Specifications}

  • ONBOARD PIR 15m PIR motion sensor

DIALLER 4G Module, type: CAT 1:

    • Bands supported:
      • 4G: 2100 (B1), 1800(B3), 850(B5), 900(B8), 700(B28) MHz
      • 3G: 2100(B1), 850(B5) ,900(B8) MHz
      • Other support: VoLTE


12 Volt 3.2Ah SLA provides internal power in low-current modes / provides backup power in mains mode


DISPLAY 6 Character scrolling LED
VOICE FEEDBACK Onboard voice + language options

    • Arm / Disarm / Panic / Programming by radio keys
    • Arm / Disarm by SMS messaging

EVENT LOG Last 5 events with voice announcement


  • SYSTEM PROGRAMMING Local programming by radio keys
  • Self learning of radio devices by local programming
  • Off site programming by SMS messaging


  • DEVICES SUPPORTED Up to 24 Ness Radio Keys or Radio Devices including the onboard PIR
  • RADIO SECURITY Proprietary encryption and supervision
  • Radio jamming detection
  • Radio substitution detection
  • RADIO RX/TX Ness integrated receiver for radio device signals
  • RADIO FREQUENCY 304Mhz / 868MHz depending on local requirements
  • EXTERNAL WIRE LOOM RED/BLACK. Strobe output: 12V strobe light, max. 2
  • RED/BLUE. Siren output: 8 Ohm horn speaker, max. 1
  • RED/WHITE. Internal siren output: 12V screamer, max. 1
  • YELLOW/GREEN. Tamper input: 3k3 end of line (resistor supplied)
  • RED/RED FLYING LEADS. External input for hardwired 17VAC supply or solar panel supply
  • EXTERNAL POWER 17VAC Plug Pack supplied for periodic battery charging or for full-time power
  • External input for hardwired 17VAC supply, (see External Wire Loom)
  • External input for solar panel power supply, (see External Wire Loom)


  • DIMENSIONS, MAIN UNIT 515(h) x 112(w) x 80mm(d)



  • 2 x radio keys
  • 2 x over-ride keys
  • 1 x 17Vac Plug Pack
  • 2 x 3k3 resistors
  • 1 x Wire loom & installation kit
  • 1 x ness sim card (some models)