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FIBARO NICE Yubii Home Controler

The smart gateway manages and communicates with all smartdevices - receives data from sensors, processes them and gives an output to perform appropriate actions.

With Yubii Home you can now turn on your heating system, lock your doors, switch on the lights, play your music, control roller shutters, gates, doors and windows, electrical appliances, watering systems with a simple command, and even monitor water leaks, CO and fire detectionsystems – creating a seamless, smart, comfortable environment.


Lighting With the help of innovative motion sensors, small electrical interfaces and smart automated commands, you won’t need to constantly turn the lighting on or off around your entire house.

Protection A wide range of CO sensors, flood and smoke detectors, door/window interfaces and cameras can reliably and continuously protect your home and your loved ones from any danger, even the invisible ones.

Heating Home should always be warm and pleasant! Get smart heat controllers, thermostats, wall plugs and WiFi air conditioning interfaces, and Yubii Home will ensure proper comfort and control in each room, tailored to your needs.

Gates & Door Automation Do you want to come home and find your garage door already open? And check if the gate is perfectly closed when you’re awayfrom home? Yubii Home is compatible with your automated gates and garage doors, that can easily be part of your smart scenarios.

Sun shading automation Have you ever thought of automating your interior blinds, venetian blinds,awnings, pergolas or shutters? You can do it and even integrate them into your Yubii ecosystem. Manage natural lights smartly, while boosting your home’s energy efficiency.

Electrical appliances With the help of smart wall plugs and switches connected to your electric appliances such as dishwasher, washing machines or oven, Yubii Home will be able to turn them on or off when needed, monitor and measure their power consumption, and protect your house from overvoltage.


Yubii Home is the gateway connecting Nice, FIBARO and elero* technologies, and even more: it is open to the integration of third-party devices thanks to the support of an IP camera, its 5 plug-ins and through its Z-Wave and WiFiprotocols compatibility.


Control your home with the Yubii app.Manage your home wherever you are with your smartphone or tablet! Yubii app keeps you in contact with your home and lets you manage it from anywhere in the world.

Control your home with your voice.Just a few words to one of the most popular voice assistants, like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, even on your smart watch or from your smart car, and things happen in the easiest way possible.

Control your home with a simple gesture! No need to break your old habits, you can keep using your favorite transmitters, even the ones you already have, to control your home simply and safely, with just one click.