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Premium HDMI Cable 1m V2.0 Ultra HD 4K 2160p 3D High Speed with Ethernet HEC ARC

Premium HDMI Cable V2.0 Ultra HD 4K 2160p 3D High Speed with Ethernet HEC ARC

The HDMI male to HDMI male cable provides a high definition, high speed connection from a device such as a laptop, to a digital display monitor/screen without the need for an adapter. This HDMI cable has the capability to carry HD images, providing you with excellent image quality from any device. Furthermore, the durable cable is also capable of carrying high quality audio making it the ideal all in one cable for your digital entertainment needs. If you require an internet connection to be carried from device to screen, this to HDMI cable is ideal due to its ethernet capabilities.

The HDMI male connectors on the cable are made with a highly durable plated covering that is corrosion resistant, ensuring a high quality connection every time. The thick 6mm outer diameter cable is covered with a hard wearing black PVC sheath that allows the cable to remain flexible yet reliable reducing the risk of a loss of image quality.


• HDMI to HDMI connector type
• Compatible with a number of devices such as laptops, blu-ray players, games consoles and more
• Fast and high quality digital images direct from source
• Durable black sheath
• Male to male connection
• All in one cable, with image, audio and ethernet capabilities

HDMI Gender

Male to male

Typical Applications

• Laptops
• HDTV's
• Games Consoles
• Digital video equipment
• PC and TV display

Length 1m
Cable Type HDMI to HDMI
Connector A Gender Male
Connector A Type HDMI
Connector B Gender Male
Connector B Type HDMI
Sheath Colour Black
Maximum Resolution 4K