FD02 45-694MHz LOW PASS FILTER FM + VHF / UHF (6-12) (28-51) MATCHMAST

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FD02 45-694MHz LOW PASS FILTER FM + VHF / UHF (6-12) (28-51) MATCHMASTER 09MM-FD02


Unwanted channels and future 4G (LTE) band stop filters.

Installers all over Australia are finding that when they have a translator they are chasing in the UHF band and also have a group of channels at a lower frequency. There can be an issue where the weaker lower channels are present, makingthe TV set lock in on the weaker lower frequency channels and allocate LCN’s of 350 to 355 on the wanted channelgroup.

Some installers disconnect the antenna socket whilst the TV scans the lower channels. However this is not a permanentsolution as the next re-scan the TV will go back to the wrong settings making it difficult for the unskilled householder to find their channels.

Matchmaster has the solution after speaking with many installers. We have developed a full range of filters that will solve this problem as well as help eliminate future 4G (LTE) transmission interference.

It is expected that at 5km from a LTE tower that levels of up to 111dBuV may be received by a standard non filtered TV antenna. This will overload the TV tuner and create inter-modulation distortion in mast head amplifiers.

These filters are the solution to both these issues today, in the future and limited stocks are now available.


  • Low pass filter
  • Frequency 45-694MHz
  • FM+VHF/UHF(6-12)(28-51)
  • Low pass through loss = 4.87dB
  • 750MHz loss > 84dB