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Upsonic CSCT Tower Series UPS,1000VA, 2000VA, 3000VA.

  • Industrial Grade UPS,Used for hardened commercial applications in office, comms room or plant to power protect servers, network communication devices, CCTV headend, medical fridges and mission critical devices that are necessary to keep your business and process control safe from power corruption.
  • True On-Line Double Conversion,Active isolation from street mains and re-generation of sine wave output provides the cleanest and reliable power for your must not fail equipment. Emergency internal static bypass will ensure that the street mains is effectively managed.
  • Battery Backup,Internal or with external UPS battery supports AC outlets when street mains is missing or corrupted.
  • External EBM,Additional Rack / Tower battery modules can be daisy-chained from the UPS to increase the battery runtime.
  • Surge Protection,Best in class power surge protection.
  • LCD Screen,Shows input and output status of voltage, UPS load and UPS alarms.
  • Built-in DC Start function,UPS AC outlet can be used without input AC power.
  • USB, Serial, Relay or SNMP Communications,USB HID communication can be used if Upsonic free software is not used.
    SNMP communications is optional for UPS to be manageable over the network.
  • Auto Restart,UPS automatically restarts on mains return after UPS battery has been completely used.
  • Warranty,3 Years.
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The Upsonic CSCT Tower Series UPS is a high quality emergency power system that supports critical business equipment during power failures or corrupted power that is not usable by professional electronic appliances. With the addition of surge and spike suppression the Upsonic CSCT Tower Series UPS range will keep your critical business infrastructure from failing and jeopardising company revenue or personnel safety.


Medical Fridges
The Upsonic CSCT Tower Series UPS power protects valuable cold storage medical product from power related spoilage.
Choose a True On-Line, Double Conversion UPS with Internal Static Bypass to further protect your cold medical product from hardware failures.

Computer Servers
The Upsonic CSCT Tower Series UPS will power protect computer servers from surge corruption and mains failure with AC battery support allowing connected client machines to complete transactions. If the power outage extends to UPS battery low the UPS will signal the server via serial or SNMP to bring the server down safely until power mains is available again. The default server power supply configuration will have the server start automatically and reconnect with all network devices and remote clients.

Security CCTV Systems
No Power = No Security. Upsonic CSCT Tower Series UPSwill power protect CCTV systems from losing valuable security video frames during criminal power breaks or power utility outages. Using the remote mobile app will ensure that you are alerted to all emergency power events.

PABX / VoIP / Hosted Phone System Endpoint HUBs
The Upsonic CSCT Tower Series UPSgives additional power protection support to the collection of devices used in an office for voice and video telecommunications. Often the office telecommunication hub will contain its own battery but often the VoIP server does not. UPS will greatly extend the telephone system emergency battery runtime, keep people connected, and reduce the loss of company revenue due to a communication break.

Large Home or Office Automation
The Upsonic CSCT Tower Series UPS power protects larger Home Automation or Office Automation system hubs from power surges and power failures. Receive remote UPS alerts enabling you to make decisions on how you will remotely handle your home or office automaton. e.g. Close UPS automated gate or roller door before the end of the communication hub UPS battery.