2x 18" inch Active PA 1000W Subwoofer for DJ Party Club

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2x 18" inch Active PA 1000W Subwoofer for DJ Party Club

2x 18" inch Active PA 1000W Subwoofer for DJ Party Club

  • This is an active bass speaker with an 18" woofer and integrated power amplifier, as well as an active, adjustable low-pass filter. The subwoofer is suitable for supporting the bass in a wide range of PA and DJ applications, eg when using active loudspeakers or sound systems. The woofer with a membrane in a hard surround produces dry bass with a high sound pressure level.
  • With the adjustable section frequency of the integrated low-pass crossover, the subwoofer can be optimally adapted to the loudspeaker with which the subwoofer is used. The phase can be reversed 180°.
  • The sub can be connected directly to the subwoofer output of a mixer or another music source via cinch sockets or via XLR sockets with a mono or stereo signal.
  • The bass box is tailored to the requirements of mobile DJs, but musicians also appreciate the bass system. The compact SUB-Q45A can easily be transported in a car. The robust wooden housing with felt cover, protective corners and metal grille is scratch-resistant.
  • The sub is equipped with a stand flange at the top so that a top can be placed on top of the box.


  • Bass reflex system with 2 bass tubes
  • Integrated, powerful power amplifier
  • Active crossover with adjustable cut-off frequency: 40 to 250Hz
  • Phase 180° reversible
  • Adjustable input level
  • 18”/ 45cm bass speaker with the membrane in fabric surround and large ferrite magnet
  • A sturdy metal grille protects the woofer
  • Lateral recessed carrying handles
  • Scratch-resistant, robust wooden housing with black felt covering
  • Protective steel corners on all 8 corners
  • Stand insert for the top on the top of the sub
  • 4 anti-resonance feet are included   
  • Connections: stereo/mono cinch sockets (unbalanced) and XLR sockets (balanced/unbalanced)
  • Ground/Float switch to avoid a ground loop

Technical Specifications:

  • Top performance: up to 1000 watts
  • Continuous power: 500 watts max.
  • Distortion factor: 0.1% or less (THD)
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: > 80dB
  • Woofer: 18" / 45cm diameter
  • Frequency range: 35Hz - 250Hz
  • Operation on: 220-240Vac, 50Hz
  • Max sound pressure: 119dB
  • Tripod insert : Ø 35mm
  • Dimensions: 55(W) x 44(D) x 65(H) cm
  • Weight: about 23.5kg


  • 2 X Active Subwoofers
  • 2 X Australia Plug Power Lead
  • 8 X feet inc fastening screws
  • 1 X User Manual

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