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2 in 1 Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver + USB Mp3 Player + Cables Headphones Amp Upgrade

2 in 1 Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver with USB Mp3 Player + Mixer Amplifier TV Cable Kit 

Endless compatibility! No need to ditch those expensive headphones, Home Theatre amplifier, TV or Powered speakers. With this Bluetooth upgrade you can still use and enjoy your favourite equipment and devices by upgrading them to the latest 5.0 Bluetooth Technology.
The unique built in USB player upgrades many devices like headphones Amplifiers even TV sets and powered speakers enabling them to play music off a USB stick. Discreet in size yet ruggedly constructed, this gadget has a digital display and its Auto Power off option extends battery life. 
Included in the box is a 3 piece quality cable kit which offers great value for money and connectivity to most devices straight out of the box with no further cables needed to get you going.

Main Features:
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0 Technology
  • Best of distance and latency
  • Built in USB input Headphones Upgrade
  • Built In Mp3 Player upgrades Devices or speakers Headphones
  • Built in Rechargeable battery
  • Powerful 450mAh 3.7V Battery 
  • 10 hours Max performance 
  • Auto Off function extended use
  • Convenient 3.5mm output
  • Rugged Design, with digital display
  • Endless compatibility Camera, Audio Mixer,  battery Speaker, Powered Speaker, TV, Headphones etc.
  • Includes 3pcs Hook up cable Kit + Charging power cable, suits most uses- Audio Mixer, Amplifier, TV, Active Powered Speaker etc.