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1200w Bluetooth Mixer Amplifier + Pair of Speakers + Cordless Microphone + 10m Free Speaker Cable

  • Condition: Brand New
  • Colour: Black
  • System Includes: Bluetooth
  • Type: DJ Karaoke System
  • Brand: Ashtec
  • Features: Bluetooth

Complete Karaoke Package -ASHTEC 1200w Bluetooth Mixer Amplifier + Speakers + Cordless Microphone + 10m Speaker Cable
ASHTEC Mixer Amplifier Bluetooth 1200w FM Radio 10 Channel Karaoke DJ

Model Upgrade:

·         ­­6x Volume Controls:  Control the volume of each of the 6 Microphone Channels individually, provides optimum control to vary the volume of different users according to their voice type. 2018 model had only 2 volume controls, 1 for each set of 3 microphone inputs.

·         FM Radio Function: FM Radio Function  with Auto Scan and external Antenna socket for better reception in low reception areas. Internal Antenna supplied, insert into antenna socket and extend cord for better reception. Use an external antenna in low reception areas (FM Radio not present in 2018 model)

·         ICE Power Socket with detachable Power cord: Enables the convenient use of longer power cords where required, or if used with overseas power cords. (2018 model fixed power cord)

  • 6x Microphone Inputs with individual volume controls
  • 2x RCA Audio Inputs  ( Music Source) for CD/DVD Keyboard etc.
  • 1x USB Input
  • 1x SD Card Input
  • 1x In-Built SD Card, USB, HDD Mp3 Player
  • Digital VU Output Level Display
  • 10x 2 Band On-Board Equalizer for optimum audio trimming,designed for Dark and Bright environments
  • Master Mic & Volume Control
  • Echo and Delay Controls for Enhanced Echo Control
  • Separate Mic Input Volume & Music Input Volume control
  • Echo Feature With Delay & Repeat controls to customize Echo function for microphones and Guitars/ instruments.
  •  -20dB Input Selectors
  • High Low & Mid Frequency control
  • Colour Coded Controls for ease of use, All Volume Red, Effect controls White etc.
  • Can use speakers of 4 to 16 Ohms Impedance ( This includes 8 Ohms Speakers)
  • Massive Reliable Toroidal Transformer 800W Power Consumption
  • Durable Metal Chassis with rack design for easy handling
  • Enhanced Slider EQ Function
  • EQ with Classic Glow LED Tabs
  • External Radio Antenna for reception in weak areas.
  • Output 1200W (600W x 2 @ 4 Ohms) 800W (400W x2 @8 Ohms)
  • 2x Speaker Outputs A & B for Multi Room Listing
  • THD (8Ohms) 0.2%
  • Dimensions: 43x37x15 Cms Length x Depth X Height
Specifications for Speakers:

  • Nominal Impedance - 8 Ohms
  • Power Rating - 200W
  • Power handling Peak - 600W
  • Frequency Response - 65Hz to 18KHz
  • Sensitivity - 91db (1w/1m)
  • Driver Details
  • 2x Tweeter Drivers
  • 1x 10" Mid/Woofer Driver
  • Dimensions
  • Width-55.5 Cms
  • Height-29 Cms
  • Max. Depth -30 Cms
    Brand new in box Pair Cordless Wireless Microphone. 
    It is an ideal system for professional performance. Can be used for Karaoke, Presentations on stage or home use, Community meetings, Prayer etc. 
    Rechargeable receiver. 
    Variable frequency. 
    Frequency range 676 - 693 MHz 
    Range 30-50m 
    LCD display power indicator. 
    Metal alloy body construction Mic and Receiver. 
    Battery Specification Microphone: 1.5v x 2 AA size batteries 
    Upgradeable add more microphones as required 
    Mic Package includes 
    2x Wireless Microphone 
    1x Receiver 
    1x Antenna 
    1x USB Cable
    Package Contains

  • 1x 1200W ASHTEC Audio Power Amplifier & Echo Mixing Console 
  • 2x ASHTEC 1200W Speakers (Pair)
  • Dual Cordless Microphone System
  • Free 10m Speaker Cable

  • Local Pick Up available in Store at Dandenong Market or can collect from the warehouse at Lynbrook.