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Wireless Bluetooth Remote Control Camera Shutter for iPhone iPad Android Mobile PhoneFree Post

This little gadget is a portable Bluetooth remote control device which can be hung on a key chain. It can be paired with a mobile Phone Via Bluetooth, no extra software needed.

It is used used as a camera shutter remote controller for mobile phones and tablets. It is compatible with  iOS systems, Android systems and PC Systems etc.

With this little gadget you will never need to ask some stranger to take photos for you. It also can be used to take long distance photos up to 10 meters in the absence of obstacles.

Handy, discreet  with supplied button batteries it can be used to take more than 3,000 photographs.

With five function keys: switch, Bluetooth pairing, camera, Android configuration, IOS configuration.


1. Color: Black

2. Compatable with : iOS system (5.0 Above) / Android system (4.1 Above) 

3. Function Keys: On/Off, Bluetooth pairing, Photograph, Android Configuration, IOS Configuration

4. Bluetooth: V3.0

5. Transmit Frequency: 2.4GHz ~ 2.4835GHz

6. Frequency: 2.4Hz - 2.48GHz

7. Effective distance: 10m/30ft

8. Powered By: 1 x CR2032 Button Battery (Included)

9. Size: 58mm*50mm*120mm 

10. Weight: 20g 


1: Turn on the remote control switch the blue light will flash.  

2: Turn on the Bluetooth on the mobile phone and search for the new devices then connect to the remote 

3: After pairing and connecting, open the camera  app on the phone.  

4: iPhone's can be directly remote controlled by the camera shutter.  

5: Most Android phones can also be controlled by the camera shutter.  

6: For Android phones that cannot be controlled directly via the shutter remote, please download camera360 software, open camera360 software, 

click the Settings icon on the upper right corner of the phone, Advanced Settings, and then the camera settings, set the volume button options 

to take photos.

6. If idle for  five minutes, the product will automatically enter a dormant state. Please press the power button to turn off the timer when 

not in use, to ensure that the battery life is maximised.