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Sansai 6 Way Surge Protected Power Board Extra Spaced Sockets individual switch

  • Condition: Brand New
  • MPN: PAD-661SW
  • Brand: SANSAI
Sansai 6 Way Surge Protected Power Board Extra Space for Large Power Adapters with individual switches

6-Way individually switched power board features a high level of protection from overload and surge.  
With 2 outlets featuring extra wide spacing for bulky mains adaptors, and all outlets having their own on/off switch, 
this Sansai surge protected power board is a must in every household.  
There is no need to worry about your general household electronics when they are connected to a Sansai surge protector.
6 Standard 10A, 240V Power Outlets
    with SURGE Protection, INDIVIDUALLY Switched, Overload Protection, Reset Button & Indicator Light
    Australian Standard Product
    Flame Retardant
    with 3 Extra Spaced Sockets
    1 meter Main Cord
    Clam shell package, 6/24
    12 Months Sansai Warranty