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Karaoke Sound Mixer 2 Mic Echo Microphone Pre-amplifier for Home Theatre System

This 2 channel sound mixer with optional Dual Microphones is stable, lightweight, small and elegant. It is ideal to convert an Home Theatre Amplifier which does not have microphone inputs into a Karaoke System. It eliminates the need for additional expensive equipment to enjoy Karaoke and essentially upgrades any home amplifier to microphone enabled system.
Built in interdependent Mic volume controls for each of the 2 channels offers optimum vocal control. The echo effect and tone control adds vocal enhancement to the mix.
Included cable kit suits most requirements enabling connecting various devices to the mixer like mobile phones, laptops etc.

For your convenience offered in this listing are 3 options as below, if you already have Microphones you can just buy the Mixer or even just the microphones with cables.

Option 1: 2x Microphones with 2x Cables 
Option 2: Mixer only with cable kit (excludes Mic cables and Microphones)
Option 3: Mixer with Cable Kit and 2x Microphones and Microphone Cables

  • RCA  inputs/outputs for audio and video connection, awesome vocal enhancement and sound shaping
  • Independent mic channels with level controls, Echo and Tone Control for perfect level adjustment.
  • Connect it to a PC, plug it into the mains and TV and get you tube songs.(Note: The AC adapter input is 100V-240V and output is 12V.)
  • Echo mixer allows you to plug up to two dynamic microphones (6.35mm Jack Input) and enjoy Karaoke with the family. Ideal for karaoke and house parties.
  • When teamed up with karaoke software (not included) or Just open YouTube and an audio cable for the laptop, Phone or Tablet makes it a great investment for your singingendeavors.
  • Includes connecting Cable kit 

  • Stable quality, portable, compact and efficient.
  • Suitable for company, stage, home, KTV rooms, etc.
  • Dual Microphone inputs with volume controls that can be adjusted individually.
  • Reverberation delay function and audio inputs/outputs for left/right channel.
  • Volume frequency regulation.

  • Power Supply: Input: 110-240V, 50/60Hz; Output: 12V, 200mA
  • Working Voltage: 9V-12V
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.5% @ 1KHz
  • Colour: Silver
  • Tone Control -Yes
  • Individual Mic Volume Controls -Yes
  • Echo Effect - Yes
  • Music Input Control - Yes

Package List (As per Option Selection Above)

Option 1
  • 2x Microphones
  • 2x Microphone cables 
Option 2
  • 1x Karaoke echo sound mixer
  • 1x Power Supply + Local Adapter
  • 1 set of connecting cable Kit
Option 3
  • 1x Karaoke echo sound mixer
  • 2x Microphones
  • 2x Microphone Cables
  • 1x Power Supply + Local Adapter
  • 1 set of connecting cable Kit
Local Pick Up Available in Store at Dandenong Market or can post Australia wide.