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3x Round Base Mic Stand Small Footprint 1.6M 4kg Heavy Weighted Base Microphone Free Shipping

  • Condition: Brand New
  • Type: Microphone Boom Stand
•    3x 4kg Heavy Duty Professional Boom Microphone Stand Weighted Base Full Size 
•    Premium Finish Professional Microphone Stand 
•    Heavy Duty - Stand weighs 4kgs each
•    Weighted Base - 250mm diameter occupies small floor space  
•    Telescopic Adjustments 
•    FREE Heavy Duty Mic Holder Clip and Cable Organizer Clip 

•    Base to Boom Height Max. 160mm Min. 95mm 
•    Boom Extension Length Max. 93mm Min. 54mm 
•    Weighted Base Diameter 250mm 
•    Total Stand Weight 4kgs unpacked each

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