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10" 8" Hand Held Tambourine Drum Bell Birch Metal Jingles Percussion Instrument

The Tambourine is an easy to use and simple percussion instrument. It provides a crisp and non-intrusive rhythmic accompaniment to many performances. Advanced users can produce  varying pitch and rhythms with the drum and jingles using finger and pressure placement techniques. They are popularly available both with and without the drum head.

An ancient instrument with mentions as early as 1700BC, the Tambourine was used by ancient musicians in West Africa, The  Middle East, Greece and India and probably was introduced into Europe by travelling merchants or musicians.

Over the years the humble tambourine has become a symbol of the freedom, relaxed attitude and serenity often associated with musicians and music lovers.  

Available in 2 sizes 8" and 10" as per your choice above.